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Lionel Collection for sale

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Rare Railroad Books and Model Train Books and Videos Our book list is available online and will be more extensive all the time.
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Consigned items
The K-line items we are selling here on consignment #1

Here are the latest catalogs.                                      Gauge One Collector
                                                                                      Samhongsa from happier times with RPK
   UP 4-8-4 FEF-3 COAL BLACK/GRAPHTIE #30 of 34
LIONEL 2003 VOLUME 1      
                                                            LIONEL 2003 VOLUME 2     
LIONEL 2004 VOLUME 1      
                                                             LIONEL 2004 VOLUME 2

MTH / RailKing 2003 VOLUME 1 
                                                             MTH / RailKing 2003 sets plus

MTH / RailKing 2004 VOLUME 1 
                                                             RailKing 2004 sets plus
MTH / RailKing 2004 VOLUME2 

 K-line 2003 catalog
                                                              K-line 2004 volume1

FREE layout software for K-line SuperStreets

40% off selected tools


you mix and match your savings
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3*Frisco hoppers $40net
3*log cars $30net
2*hot sauce tank cars $30net


ATLAS O Home Page GP38 engines
Hoppers Steam Era

  Atlas new cabooses    
Re-Built Box Cars.


3rd Rail limited run PRR Q1.PDF order ASAP and receive free shipping + 2% off for money orders
3rd Rail Reefers 54'. PDF            order ASAP and receive free shipping + 2% off for money orders

Meanwhile review MTH that is available, full update soon.     Information on the old manufacture of MTH


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